What is fair compensation in this case?

I spoke with a local home mover about getting me homes. He has his ear to the ground and knows of people about to lose their homes for whatever reason. I would of course pay him to move the home in and set it up but I feel that I should also pay him some sort of finder’s fee. He would do no negotiating or dealing with the sellers aside from making the initial introduction.

I can’t imagine this is an isolated thing. How have the rest of you dealt with this?




I think that he would just be happy to have the business but if you are so inclined I would just pay him $100 or $200 cash after the moving and set up is completed to your satisfaction. That should leave a very good taste in his mouth and keep you at the top of his call list for future deals.

Ruben D. Flores

program. We spiff five hundred for a mobile we buy and 1K for a L/H we buy.

In the last two years I have bought 16 or so mobiles and 11 pieces of land with mobiles.

I have paid this money to hairdressers, title agents, payday loan employees, parole officer (twice), Womens Shelter, bail bondsmen, jail employees, busboys.

Always cash always immediately…had a hairdresser come to closing with me.