What CRM system do you use?

what CRM system do you use? Why do you like it or dont like it?

It is hard to keep track with 100s of contact in one spreadsheet, so I am considering to use CRM. However, I do not know which one to use.

Asana and etc.

i am looking into the same thing. We are looking at two different programs for property management, buildium and Rent Manager. Does anyone use them or have any preference and why?

I think it would depend on what you need the system to do for you. I really like Rent Manager because of the support, training, and the simplicity of using it. I’ve never used buildium so I really don’t know how it would compare side-by-side.

As for the CRM, we use insightly. There is a free version of it and the paid version is about $10 per month per person. I use the paid version but I think most people could get away with using the free version. We have storage requirements that exceed what the free version allows.

bitrix 24 is the crm we use here at abt.

@shoen4u1 I need CRM for recording direct mailing campaign and conversation with a potential seller. I believe you are looking for the management system with CRM in it.

thank you for the recommendation. I will check it out.