What are your most common calls from residents?

If you had to pick a top 3 in terms of reasons for calls you (or your property managers) get from residents in MHPs, what three reasons would you pick? I’m trying to determine how feasible self-managing would be for me.

  1. My rent is late.
  2. My neighbor pissed me off because…
  3. My pipes froze.

If you’re in warm weather disregard 3.

If you’re buying park owned homes you’re basically buying an apartment building so I would say maintenance calls would be bulk of your calls.

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  1. Neighbors
  2. Neighbor’s pets
  3. Neighbor’s music
  4. Lawn Maintenance (which they are individually responsible for) not being done by landlord, but then they get mad when the bill comes by e-mail in the form of a Fee.

Basically Neighbors.

  1. “I am late because ____”
  2. “I heard them talking about what she said and you need to stop people talking or I am going too ____.”
  3. “My _______ broke and I can not fix it. Can you fix it and I pay you back?”
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So it sounds like mostly minor stuff. Any ideas for dealing with tough neighbor situations and/or preventing them from happening?

if the neighbor is territorial, the Community Manager needs to step in and warn the tenant. If there is more to it and the tenant is being abusive or threatening, call the police.

Let us know if there is anything else when you say “tough neighbor” situation.

I don’t have any specific situation. I’m just curious and trying to gather ideas. I am planning on self-managing and want to make sure I have the proper systems and procedures in place to prevent “neighbor issues” as much as possible and also resolve any that come up as quickly as possible.