What are the non ordinary lease clauses you have in your lease

We had an abandoned trailer in one of our parks and an attorney told me I should have an abandonment clause in your lease, it never crossed my mind.

Any other beneficial lease clauses other owners have come across?

I don’t know that they are non ordinary but we have the following to protect our investment:

Only new homes direct from manufacturer or dealer are permitted to be placed in park
No temporary structures- such as tent type garages.
No car ports.
Max two bedroom homes
Max occupancy 2 persons
No fences
Must have liability insurance
No metal oil tanks
No new or replacement oil furnaces allowed
Max two vehicles, no trailers allow on lot
No items to be left outside on lot (except in use patio furniture)
No businesses to operate in park.

Kali, we just had an abandoned Mobile Home titled to us by the Magistrate’s Office.

Why specifically did your Attorney say that you needed that clause?

What state are you in?

Does your state not recognize that if someone abandons their Mobile Home on your property that there should be a resolution?

I agree – I have doubts about your lawyer. You do not have to state anything about abandoned property in your lease to have that right. If I leave my bicycle in your yard, you can still take it as abandoned property without me having to sign an agreement with you.

But then again, I don’t know the laws of your specific state.

The property is located in Texas, below is a link of something I found on line over the topic.

I will be talking to other attorneys regarding this.