Western PA Broker

I’m getting ready to sell a small-ish park (actually 2 parks that are 1/2 mile apart) in Western PA. Anyone know a good broker for that area?

Before you hire a broker, post the relevant information on the forum. I am sure someone here is looking to buy in that area.

  1. How many spaces are in each park?
  2. City Services?
  3. POH vs TOHs.
  4. Distance to major metro and size of the metro.
  5. Space rent.
  6. Expected Cap Rate.
  7. Expense Ratio.
  8. Any other Relevant Terms ie. Are you willing to Carry back a note, Are you doing a 1031 exchange.
  9. Year Built, How is the infrastructure, Roads, etc
  10. Why are you selling.

The Forum is full of investors. You may as well post it here for 30 days before you list it.

You could also search the following link and chat with some of the brokers who already have listings in PA.