Well, Dave e-mailed me

and without going into all the details a lot of the answers I personally wanted were freely given.

With his permission I will post the entire e-mail.

The one thing that came through was his absolute candor. In his own words, it was a very unfortunate use of language in the original challenge. According to Dave he has apologized to Lonnie personally and really that is good enough for me. I have been gone 2 weeks and missed some of the original thread…

I apologize for any grief my post might have created. I was VERY UPSET. I feel this was a very unfortunate incident and the quicker it is left alone, the quicker it will die a natural death.

When I posted this morning I would have bet the Bank I would not hear from Dave…my bad. My respect for Dave Reynolds went up several notches.

The bottom line is we all have to live together…we are a very small community. i might not agree with all that is said here, but I feel everyone has a perfect right to voice their own opinions…this is America.

I think every poster or reader on this forum agrees that the money is in the dirt…I have heard Lonnie say this. If this was Dave’s intent (and I believe it was) then we’re all good.

The one lesson i have learned from this is to look beyond intent and see if MY words (both written or verbal) can have unintended consequences or cause another grief. A fairly important lesson actually and I thank Dave for this.

We are all still learning, eh?

Have a great weekend all, do a deal this week while i am on vacation, I actually saw a 2M property in the Keys with a s/w mobile on it…70’s vintage!! WOW.

I ate lobster and hog snapper EVERY day last week!LOL


With all of the difficulties we confront running a business and dealing with problem MHP residents, I would hate to have difficulties with other MHP owners. I am glad to see that there isn’t infighting on our little forum - could you imagine if our residents found out about any issues between owners?