Website - Question for Jefferson and everyone else!

Hi Jefferson,

I know you are a big advocate of each park having its own website.
Do you track traffic on each website?
Have the websites attracted Lonnie Dealers?
Have the websites brought you poteential buyers of your parks?
Has anyone moved in a home from finding the website?


Brian -We use  It is brilliant!  Absolutely idiot proof.  Even I can figure out how to make a decent-looking website.   ;)) Please (still a bit of a work in progress)We do track traffic on each website.  Squarespace makes that easy.  They also track the source of leads to your website, and what content people are looking at on your site.  We find that when we see a spike in page views on a home (e.g. 10+ page views in a day) that we receive an application on it the next day, and that it then generally sells within a week.We do receive unsolicited offers on our parks.  I think many Bootcamp attendees are using the mailing lists.  ;)I’ve only been contacted by a handful of Lonnie Dealers, and they generally find me off my CraigsList advertising, which, of course, leads them to my websites.  But I couldn’t say for certain if any of them found me just through my websites.  Ditto for folks moving-in homes (which only happens about once every 2 years).Good luck,-jl-

Jefferson:I’m a Squarespace fan as well, and couldn’t agree more with your points. It’s pretty intuitive, easily designed, and from my experience, trouble free. No patches, updates, or hosting headaches.I noticed on your Tulsa Estates site that you prominently advertise ADA compliance – while I’ve seen ramps and accommodations in parks, I’ve never previously seen that advertised. Is that something that you’ve recently added due to demand? Will

@wbc5 -We’ve not added ADA because of demand, but rather because it is the right thing to do.  Demand is low; we’ve only ADA-modified about 3% of our homes.  However, after instituting the ADA policy, I discovered accommodating residents also encourages them to stay longer, which is more profitable for us.  It is nice when what right is also what is profitable.Thank you for highlighting that point about our websites.  (Also see - our newest acquisition.)Here’s hoping others will follow suit,-jl-