We Can Not Evict Him

According to our attorney we have to give a reason in our state to evict and illegal Sexual activity is not one of them: (30 day reads as follows)

The reason for the termination of your tenancy is checked below:

  1. Failure to comply with local ordinances and/or state laws and regulations relating to mobile homes and mobile home lots, specifically:.

  2. Conduct in the mobile home park, which is annoying to other homeowners or interfering with the park management, specifically:.

  3. False or misleading statements on the application for tenancy, specifically:.

  4. Your failure to comply with the terms of your lease and park rules and regulations, specifically:.

If the above notice is for reason number 4 hereinabove, failure to comply with park rules and regulations, you are advised that you have a right to cure this non-compliance within 30 days of the date of service or posting of this notice. You are entitled to cure a default for the same violations, only once in any 12 consecutive month period. Acceptance of rent shall not be considered a waiver of this notice.

If he does the illegal activity in the park then we can evict.