Water usage Spikes in the summer time? Would you agree?

As the owner of an mobile home community, you have to spend a lot of money on various costs. Do you want to find a way to reduce some of your costs and save more money? One great way to do this is by lowering your water usage and encouraging your tenants to do the same. This is easier than you might think. You just have to get a water submetering system set up in your community , and then you’re well on your way to saving money and using less water.

Your Tenants Will Thank You for Water Submetering For their home.

Most communities have only one water meter, which measures the total amount of water used in the entire park and charges you for all of it. This can get complicated when it comes time to bill each of your tenants. While some owners divide the water bill up evenly amongst all the tenants, this can create some issues. For example, it will seem unfair to those of your tenants who are striving to lower their bill by conserving the amount of water they use, while other tenants in the community are being wasteful and causing the total bill to be higher. Water submetering eliminates this problem.

How Water Submetering Works

When you get water submetering for your community, one water meter is installed for each unit. This means that each of your tenants has their own meter that gauges their personal water usage and how much they will owe for that. The meters send this information in real time to the water management company and is displayed on the website, where you and your tenants can log in and view it at any time. They will be encouraged to reduce their water usage where possible and will pay less as a result.

Some helpful information from neighborhood water meter source!

Perfect timing, for we see usage spike incredibly during the summer time!

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I love how you disguised your advertisement as an actual discussion topic with a misleading headline. Very sneaky.


I appreciate the feedback.

Because of this post, I’ve gotten in contact with a handful of owners looking for solutions to the water consumption.
I would say we are all here to help each other, and this has been helpful nonetheless!

Thanks for boosting the post back to the top of the forum and thanks for taking the time to read it! :slight_smile:

I agree it’s a veiled advertisement, but the info is good and should be considered by every owner. I own a 25 unit park that the guys who offer these services often overlook. I paid a few grand to have a licensed plumber install meters after checking with the city to assure I was compliant with any laws or regs.

My maintenance supervisor reads the meters once a month in about 30 minutes. After I installed the meters and began billing residents, my water usage went from 110,000 gallons a month to 58,000 gallons.

We gave a 30 day grace period where we informed residents of their individual use in comparison to an average. We encouraged tenants to look for leaks and we fixed them for free during the 30 day period. Over the next couple of months we discovered we were only billing for about 40,000 gallons. We then realized we must have leaks underground and we discovered and fixed a few - one that was flowing like a hose left half way on.

I would encourage any owner to install meters. Our average bill to tenants is only around $15, but the bottom line savings for us is about $700 monthly due to the additional income and cost reduction.


Thanks for sharing that!!

This is an example of one of the testimonials I receive from an owner when a metering project is complete

We can honestly say we have never herd “I wish i never done this” in our 25 years of business.