Water submetering

Need some help here, please. Have a 14-space park that I’d like to submeter the water. I’ve seen the Neptune T-10 recommended, and have found them for $50 apiece. I do have some questions from those familiar with this:

  1. Is the Neptune T-10 brass, and lead-free? Are there any reasons NOT to use them?

  2. I see they’re available in numerous sizes: 5/8, 3/4, 1". If there are adapters available ( from Home Depot?) to mate them to water lines of various sizes, why does the meter itself come in different sizes? And do these measurements apply to both the input and the output of the meter?

I’m planning on using direct-read meters in a box below ground level; we’re in southeast Arizona where it can get sub-freezing at times, especially overnight. I’m planning on installing the meters outside the skirting of each home, where the water line comes up to the home.

Any thoughts on this? Anything I’m missing? And thanks for answering the questions above.


I don’t know about the lead issue.
I do know, in addition to the water meters will also need to purchase the brass union pieces. They are about $25 for a pair. I would also recommend that you order a few extra rubber washers. The Unions and washers aren’t at Home Depot. The threads on the meter themselves are unique. Good luck.

3/4" is the most common size. Plastic is fine, you don’t have to go with brass, but whatever you’re most comfortable with.

I just completed this and we were able to get all adapters through standard sources. What material and size are the main water pipes?

As far as the underground boxes, we used irrigation boxes intended for sprinkler valves. They worked just fine.

The tail pipes (adapters) are nice but not 100% necessary if you are using pvc pipe. The threads on the meters are not exactly pipe threads pitch is a little different but if you use a schedule 80 pvc female adapter it will work. Simplest is to use the apapter. Most meters for sale should be lead free now but best to verify. Lead rules require that if you move a old meter it must be replaced with lead free. Meters listed as 3/4 or 5/8 are basically the same thing they both have 3/4 threads.
No need for 1" meter on mobile home hook up.

Base on our 20 years of sub-metering experience, the Neptune is considered lead free and used by many municipalities. A 5/8 X 3/4 inch is a standard residential meter. The meters can handle a freeze.

Reading the meters is straightforward, however calculating the correct bills, sending bills, and collections, and customer service is usually more economical by using a third party service.

Using a third party service,Tenants do not feel like they are being doubled dipped first paying rent then paying water to their landlord. The billing service is normally around $4 per bill and is billed to the tenant.
Most likely, a landlord can not pass through the fee if billing is done in-house.

Please take a look at our web portal at SouthernWaterManagement.com

Give me a call at anytime to discuss your options, 727-421-9695
Dan Helton
Southern Water Management.

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we recently installed the beacon system by badger meters. All brass is now lead free due to the new regulations. the beacon system reads automatically every day via a text sent from the cellular end point. The readings are available on the cloud and we have found the system amazing. We can tell hourly if we want what their water usage is. the system is more money than other manual read systems, but you easily recoop the added expense with 0 labor cost and knowing about leaks in homes immediately.

@shoen4u1 what would you say is the increased price (e.g. 20% more expensive) of this system compared to a manual read system? What are the monthly recurring costs of this system? I’m debating this as well and considering the payback period compared to a manual read system…

Thanks for more details.

the actual meter is real cheap, its the heads and cellular endpoints that were expensive. As far as ongoing expense i think mine is around $3 per month but there are several levels of service available depending on what you require. Its very convenient, everything is hosted on the cloud and tenants have their own interface to watch their usage as well. We bought ours from National Road Utility, our reps name is Chris Huey and his number is 724-727-4826

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