Water submetering companies

Does anyone have any first hand experience or pros/ cons of any of the turn key water metering companies on this website (or from any other source)? So far I have contacted ABT from Wisconsin, and Water Service Co in Ohio, but would like to get a recommendation if possible. With WSC , they own the meters and charge a $6/mo fee. With ABT, you own the meters (they install everything including the remote access,etc) for about $350 -$450 per home, and then they will do the billing for approx $3.70 per home per month (or you can do the billing yourself). Not sure which way to go at this point. Also, will having a 3rd party owning the meters present any issues when selling the park?



I just signed up a submetering company for my park in ohio called Mulifamily Utility Company who so far seem very professional. I spoke with 3 references who own thousands of apartments and/or mobile homes who liked them. I am happy to go into more detail if you want to speak. Email me at sw@uwventures.com

I am also looking for advise or recommendations on submetering. Has anyone had a problem with with their current lease not allowing a change in utility billing? Thanks.