Water sub-metering in South Carolina

I’m having a hard time finding anything about how to stay compliant when I sub-meter water in SC. I did find this site, which doesn’t have SC listed - maybe that’s why I cant find regs - because their aren’t any?

Is anyone sub-metering in SC? Can you direct me to a resource to ensure I do this properly?
Thanks in advance.

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It looks like you’re right, but I would call the SC PSC to get the latest - regulations here would be in their control if they exist. I read a couple articles that the PSC was working on legislation a dozen or so years ago, but looks like it really only applied to electric sub-metering.

Let us know what you hear.

We have a couple job on our upcomming calender (Nov-Dec) for metering projects in

Shoot me an Email.


I will send you an email shortly. Thanks

We have parks in Florence and Clover, SC and either the DHEC or local county tells us what we can or cannot do. Let me know if I can help,

I haven’t found anything in either site. What do you do for invoicing? If I don’t outsource the whole thing, I plan to invoice actuals with no “fees”. Wondering what should be on invoice if anything.


Basically, we’ll supply the smart metering equipment and technology at wholesale cost, ($45 for direct read meters to $145 for radio frequency meters). Direct read meters require visually reading the meter, then writing down the read. A radio frequency meter allows for the meters to be read remotely through a central data collector via a cellular or telephone connection. We supply the central data collector at no cost to the MHP. We are compensated through a monthly billing fee (typically from $4 to $10), that is billed to the tenant or MH owner.

The primary reason why someone would use Southern Water Management is: Based on our 20 + years of sub metering experience through out the US, …The
tenants’ water/sewer usage will drop by 25 to 35% when the tenants are responsible for their own water use; We are different from other sub-metering services because our goal is promoting Water Conservation.

We’re here to answer your water sub-metering questions, so please give me a call at anytime.

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Southern Water Management
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Talk to local govt. they will probably allow you to assess a fee per site then an additional fee for excessive use (have to read all meters monthly with good records) but no “profit” of course. Frank says to weigh any outside or separate billing and management costs in term of time and trouble against just raising rents a little.