Water Meters

Hello All,

I am looking at a park that needs to be sub metered for water to make it profitable. I have looked at previous discussion questions to find what meters to use and I am having trouble finding them on the web. So my questions are what meters are people using and where are you purchasing them. Thanks In advance


Check the resources tab on this web site

Make sure you buy meters that are appropriate for the climate your park is in. The meters for AZ parks probably will not work in MN.

You should contact multiple dealers and review options with them.

Great question. So we use Badger Disk Meters. The ones we choose have the ‘remote readers’. Which is a box on the front of the home that has numbers that turn with the water usage. We pay about $100 per meter and reader, and then about $50 per home to put them in. So our budget is $150 / space installed and turning.

In colder climates, you will need to run heat tape on the water lines under the home, and wrap your meter with them as well. Then insulate the lines and the meter. If the meter is not under the home, you might want to put the meter in a shelter of some sort, sort of like the boxes you see sprinkler equipment in. And make sure the box is stuffed with insulation.

We keep a few meters, readers and freeze plates on hand at each park in case something goes wrong.

We tend to get them for various places depending on where our park is located, but one good source has been a place in Minnesota that sells refurbished meters. I think we save about $25 per meter getting them from this place.

We have tried other meters, but I like the badger the best.

It was said someplace else, make sure you know how your being billed- gallons, cubic feet etc… and get a meter that matches. Otherwise, your converting every month… YUCK!

Also, it is a no no to make money on sub-metering, Though in Texas you can surcharge 9% for the troubles of sub-metering. In Texas, we use the state forms to make sure we dot all the ‘i’ s and cross all the ‘t’ s.

Best of luck…