Water Meters

I just purchased a 24 unit park, currently I pay the water and sewer, but I possibly could get the city to put meters in and collect the bills. Would I be better off to let the city handle the water and sewer or put meters on and resale the water? Thanks

You would be much better off to have the City pay for all of it and bill directly.  You can not legally mark-up water and make a profit on it.  Or, rather, if you do, you will be deemed a ‘utility company’ and will have to fill out an enormous amount of paperwork.  So your best path forward is to have the City take care of all of it, if they will.  That said, we had a similar situation last year, and the City was charging over $2,000 per pad just in ‘hook up’ fees.  That made it too expensive, so we just installed meters ourselves for $200 and bill water at cost.Good luck to you,-jl-