Water Meters

I will soon start installing water meters in my 74 lot MHPark. Do you suggest a rent decrease to make the transition easier (more affordable) once the tenants start paying their own water bills?

That’s very kind on you part but I would not change the rent. If there is a problem with the meter in the future or with anything else the resident will expect the discount again. Meters are a more fair and accurate way of billing and it is in the best interest of the homeowners. Good luck with the meters. What brand or company did you go with? Thanks.

In general, we do not.  But you need to be fair.  Take a look at what competing MHPs are charging for lot rent and whether their water is included or not.  Take a look at what 2BR apartments cost in the area (a general and fair rule is that lot rents can go to 1/2 what that average 2BR apartment rents for).We like the Minomess 130 water meters, BTW.To your continued success,-jl-

Will be installing Zenner meters.  I anticipate paying approx $500 per lot (labor and materials) 

$200/lot for materials and labor installed is a fair market rate.  $500 is way high.-jl-

Are they installing all new heat tape with the meters? $500 is very high even with the heat tape and labor.