Water Meters... Help!

I just bought another MHP and need to install water meters. Currently there are 50 homes in MHP and I have to add another 40. Anybody have any good advice on what water meters to buy and where to purchase?



I’ve recently installed the DLJ75 sold by watermeters.com. I’m happy so far. I’ve had several leak between the manufacturer-supplied brass nipple and a brass gate valve that I am adding to each assembly. I’m now using Blue Monster tape and pipe dope, and assembling with a bench-mounted vise. That seems to be doing the trick. I write the home number under the meter cap and take a picture with my phone. This way I have photographic evidence if a resident ever forgets how much water they consume. For ten meters including shipping, my investment is $64 each. Excluding my personal labor, my payback time is about two months, so I’m a happy customer.

we buy our meters from Gunners meters out of Michigan 888-784-8663. they have great prices and service.