Water meter reading.....inside person or outside company......which is best?

When you sub-meter your parks that are on master meter, do you go with the new radio data stream meters to collect the data each month and send out water bills?  Or do you bring in an outside company and turn meter reading and billing over them for a fee.  I’d love to get OUT of the water business…running a new line soon and need to know the best option.  Thanks so much for the feedback!!! Much appreciated!!!

We have our managers read the meters.  But this is a grey area, not black-and-white.  You do save your manager’s time if you go with the remote-read, and probably cut down on reading error.  That said, the hand-held readers are $1,000 a piece or so.  We had one property where we had 4 managers in 12 months during 2013.  I’m quite certain I would have replaced that reader 4 times that year as the ex-managers would have stolen them.  So if you go with remote readers, do so with stable/competent managers.Your mileage may vary,-jl-