Water Meter Question

I’m looking to have about 30 water meters installed at a property I own in Illinois about 40 minutes outside of Chicago. I would like meters that can be monitored remotely, although I do have local property management in place. So what are people using these days for high quality/decently priced water meters?

I can find my own person to do the installs if that’s a problem. Thank you.


We have been providing expert sub-metering services for over 25 years, let me know if I can be of help.

“We’re here to answer your sub-metering questions”

Are you aware that Illinois state EPA requires you to register and be certified as a “water operator” if you submeter the public water supply and bill that to your residents? If not, I would suggest getting familiar with that requirement before proceeding.

Strangely, very few of the water sub-metering companies seem to be aware of (or care about) this requirement when they pitch you on their services.

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If I had to replace my Metrons [which I wont for quite awhile hopefully] I would get the meters that have the temp sensor option. That way I would know when the heat tape is dead and my meter is about to freeze and break. Especially in upper midwest.


@NateW I appreciate the comment. I messaged my property management company and they’re looking into it for me.

@DanHelton just sent you a message.

@JAY-E I will definitely look into that option. Thank you!

We’ve had great success with Metron. I’m down south and unfamiliar with the temperature sensor option. Call and talk with Chris, he’s very helpful.

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DO NOT USE METRON meters out of Boulder Colorado- I installed 56 of their best Remote ,
cellular read / temperature read meters in Sept 2020 and have had nothing but problems .
On any given day , 6- 10 meters don’t send a reading - and some don’t read at all - so try to bill tenants or get notified of leaks if you can’t read remotely- you cant do it. So Metron acknowledged their meters were faulty, flew a " tech" from Colorado to NY to fix , and as soon as he got to park he says " i only have 3 hours then i have to catch return flight …" What ? Buts that not best part- He can’t install the great fix ( high tech antenna ) because he forgot battery in Colorado . But even after they sent battery to us and my maint guy climbed pole to install, it still didnt fix problems - actually , 1 meter started working but 2 more didnt
So net loss , And the temperature read feature - that doesn’t work either - I remember another park owner saying he had problems with Metron too- i should have listened to him - AVOID Metron

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What was Metrons explanation, weak signal strength? Are they going to rectify the problem?

I hear metron is good. But what else do you guys like?

I have just under 700 of them installed throughout 6 communities and rarely have issues. Sorry to hear you had issues with yours.

I highly recommend the use of metron. There is abundance of options for both the operator and residents

I think the idea of this conversation is to talk about the abundance of options, @ChoiceGroup , would you please talk more about your knowledge of the options out there?
Thanks in advance.

I appreciate everyone’s input. I will weigh my options.

We can be of assistance. www.qmeters.com. stew@qmeters.com. Please get in touch.