Wanting to buy Mobile Home Park - Real Estate Agent runaround?

I am trying to buy a mobile home park. It is very close to where I live. It is listed with a real estate agent. I asked many questions to the agent and the owner. I made an offer and have gotten the runaround for around a week since the offer. The agent contacted me daily until I made the offer. He mentioned to me that there was other activity on the place as well. It was just listed a few weeks ago. I was told last weekend that the owner had to go to his accountant. A few days ago I was told that he was out of town for a few days and should be going to his accountant the next morning. Still no call back so I contacted the agent again and it will not let me even leave a voice message this time. Am I getting the shaft? I would think if I made an offer that I would hear back but maybe someone else is negotiating a higher offer? The owner was going to do owner financing. I figured I would get a counter offer for the property no matter what I offered unless it was real close to the asking price in which I thought was high.

The asking price is 650K with 56 lots, public water, sewage plant. Of those 45 +/- 3 are being rented. No owned trailers. Lot rent 118/mo and all but around 5 take the storage building on their lot at $12/mo (they are not allowed to use their own storage building). They said the only cost/maintenance was sewage plant, taxes of 2200/yr and insurance of 1500/yr. He said cost of having someone to come out to check sewage plant was 75-125 (+ parts if applicable) each time and that it should be checked once per week. I offered 400K with 100K down figuring I would get a counter offer no matter what I offered. It is a nice park with paved streets and the trailers lined up nicely. I don’t know if they are waiting for other offers since the property was just listed? I was hoping that the park would eventually come available being that close to me knowing that the owner is old and would sell soon and it did just become available but did not want to pay too much for it.