Wanted: I'M A BUYER looking to purchase a MHP with owner financing

I am a MOTIVATED BUYER looking to purchase a small/mid size park (30-60ish lots) or whatever deal makes sense. I have excellent credit, didn’t end up pulling the trigger when I was approved for financing 6 months ago, so in the meantime of 2017 returns to be finished and approved again am in the market for, and have cash for, a respectable down payment. I am happy to verify financial history.
MY GOALS ARE LONG TERM AND AM PRIMARILY INTERESTED IN LONG TERM FINANCING, however, I will entertain any deal that makes sense. If there are sellers out there that like the benefits of, or are comfortable with seller financing, feel free to reply and we can exchange contact info-


Ah, let’s all together as a group, simultaneously say, “Yeah, me, too!” Is there even one person here who isn’t interested in a 30+ unit park with seller financing?

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Hey Jesster, welcome to the club…

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@MHP_Investor @Mr_Smith : never hurts to ask😊

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What kind of down payment can any of you afford? I will be putting a park under contract this week and may consider carrying the paper on it if it all makes sense after closing.

@Nalbyg what is your email or phone number? I’d like to speak with you directly. Thanks

I sent you an email, if it didn’t go through let me know!