WA State Anti-Gang Proposal

Been following a proposal by the AG of WA to combat gang activity. I had read 15 to 20 different news reports about this and I thought, yeah cool…as a mobile home park owner gangs are a concern and we work hard to keep things nice. Grafitti costs us money, wannabe gangers can make going to work dangerous, etc. Then I read ONE mention in AN article that included in the proposal is a clause where the “community” can cause an action whereby there could be a forced “forfeiture” of private land on any property where three gang incidents have occurred. Ouch. Right now it looks like the bill is dead, but gang crime is a button issue.

I guess the most alarming to me is the lack of outcry from the mobile home park associations and rental communities and independent citizens out there who own rentals - most all of them private commercial enterprise.

My fault for not actually reading the proposal, but…