Vinyl siding?

Hey Strangers!! Long time since I’ve visited - mostly lurking; my focus these days is to circle the wagons, protect what I have and pay down debt - - - familiar story, I’m sure.

In my MH investing career, and in my travels to points eastward, I have noticed that in the east, and midwest, vinyl siding is a common and popular material, and a choice upgrade for MHs. Out here in the northwest, it’s pretty rare, comparatively. Wood siding and hardiboard is what we see.

When I drive by the new home dealers, all homes on the lot are wood or hardi - every one of them.

Why is that? I cannot think of any reason . . . I am considering installing vinyl on an older SW LH rental, and wondering if painting the metal would be a better alternative. Definitely would be cheaper, but for long-lasting looks and durability, I think vinyl may serve my purposes better - - - unless cloudy and rainy weather is a detriment somehow?

Anybody smart about this?

Vinyl is a mildew magnet. As for regional differences, back when I was MH retailer the popular explanation was that the vinyl siding rattled (was prone to blowing off) in the windy areas out west.

Every few years you need to clean off the moss growing on the outside. A mixture of bleach and water - rub with broom or other brush and rinse off. The outside looks like a brand new home again for awhile.

Vinyl’s primary advantage is, it is cheaper than most of the alternatives. The sun is its greatest enemy so in areas like Florida or California, or the Southwestern states, it is a lousy choice.