having a had time finding vin #s on some older homes. i just purchased a park that has 3 empty homes, but in order to file for a title i need the vins.

any ideas on where i should look. especialy if i cant get in one.

The usual suspects are stickers that are placed inside the home. I have found them in the closet of the master bedroom, inside the electrical panel, in a kitchen cabinet, and sometimes the water heater closet. Problem is these sometimes disapear, so if you have no luck there you will probably have to check the frame of the home for where it is stamped into the metal (or has a metal tag affixed to it). Usually this is around the tongue area but I have never had to do this so I am not real sure. I just scour the home top to bottom inside looking for that sticker as it has a lot more details on it anyway.

Hope this helps,


If the sticker with the VIN is gone, you can have a new VIN assigned to the MH. The process varies state-to-state.

In ND, an abandoned MH with no VIN gets a new VIN from the state highway patrol. A patrolman came out and looked at my MH (surrounded by snow), decided he wasn’t even going to LOOK for the VIN on the frame, and gave me a new number right on the spot.

Your local DMV should be able to tell you whom to call for a new VIN.

Getting an abandonment title will also differ by state. If you tell us where you are, perhaps someone here will know the answer for you.