Vetting title companies

I have a question about how you vet title companies you plan to use when purchasing a park. What do you guys look for when evaluating title companies and what questions do you ask them? I searched the forum but didn’t find anything on this. Thanks in advance.


By in large a title company is a title company. The transaction costs are almost always set by the state.

You can call Chicago Title or First American to start.

A local attorney could be a good starting point as well.

We have had a WIDE range of experiences with the various title companies we have used. After consistently getting terrible performances from several regional title companies we tried Stewart Title (Charlotte office). They have nailed it in terms of communication, organization and quarterbacking the closing process.

Everyone screws up from time to time. I had Stewart Title (Charlotte office) screw up my name on a deed in a million dollar deal.

Last week I sold a strip center through North American Title and the note gives the buyer an extra year to start payment. But on that one I also did not catch it while reviewing it, so it made it past 2 set of eyes.