Value of Good Vendors

Just wanted to share yesterdays fiasco. Im told the tree got struck by lightning and then about came down on a house. Would it have stayed up another day, two? Maybe I’m not an expert. Anyway , we had this issue reported to us ( while we still had storms and lightning ) . I called our tree guy, tested him the pics we got, he got over there within 1 hour , told us the price, revised his schedule to get that tree done in about 5 hours if the lighting would stop… I literally don’t think i could have gotten emergency plumbing service or electric service in the time it took for them to make that tree disappear. The tenants home was spared. The lesson i want to share here is the value of good vendors, we have used this guy for mostly everything about 5 plus years at several different properties . If i cold called him as a new customer would he have done this ( actually he probably would … but maybe not, it might have been tricky to get someone out there in these circumstances in this speed. Thats what I love about using the same guys over and over, there are intangibles that come from good vendor relationships and this was one of them. We had a broken water pipe from the uproot occurring which got shut off and resolved in the morning so all is well. And now i see from this picture we have to bust someone, looks like an inflatable pool there. Have a good weekend all.