Vacant home, file eviction

Hi All,

We have a vacant home in our park which the owner has stopped paying rent. Is an eviction the right thing to file considering there is no one living in the home? The owner of the home plans to renovate it, but clearly either doesn’t have money to do it, or for some reason is putting it off.

I suppose I could file for abandonment, but you have to wait 5 months in Texas.

Let me know your thoughts.


Aaron, in some states like Ohio, you cannot take abandoned title without evicting somebody, so the guy that moved out 6 to 12 months ago becomes the unlucky defendant by default. In Indiana we recently had to file eviction on a deceased person. If you have a guy living there, then you should evict. If he is gone I would go for the abandonment so you can have legal title to sell it. Technically, you cannot rent, enter, or sell a home that you do not own.

Curious if you have a lien on the home from the unpaid rent?
Just thinking he could try to quickly sell or rent it when he finds out that you are taking action.
Or would he sell it to you for below market if there is imminent legal action? I have had a lot of success selling mobiles on owner carry if you can buy it for a good price. You make the profit plus interest & keep your space rented.
I may be off base because I am more familiar with general real estate, but thinking of any scenario that may occur.

id hit him up with a laundry list of whats due
past rent
late fees
atty fees
grass cutting fees etc
then offer him 1000 bucks to walk away
start there see what happens