Utility Billing , Water consumption, and Submetering your community

Hello my name is Gabriel, I’m fairly new to the industry, and the newest agent here at ABT water Treatment.

I’ve been reading all the post on this forum and I’m learning so much , and id like to thank everyone who is contributing.

Just wanted to put a bug in the ear of the community owners present, that I’m here to answer any questions about utility billing services, water conservation / Treatment, and sub metering your communities.

I’m truly blessed to be with a company who has been in the industry for 24 + years and we are here to service, and consult anyone who may need some help

Feel free to browse our website.

shoot me an email:


Or give us a call:

800.697.9096 EXT 14

No intent to solicit on this wonderful forum,
I’d just love to help anyone in need with some of the knowledge I’ve obtained thus far
and create some of my own relationships.

Thank you for your time and have a wonderful day everybody.