Use Selling Brokers Contract?

I attended the boot-camp in Austin over the weekend and I’ve made a verbal offer on a park I’d been interested in.

The park owner agreed to my verbal offer, and now the selling broker has sent me a contract. (Very Short/Simple) It DOES have a financing contingency.

Should I insist on using Frank/Dave’s longer contract?

If not would anyone experienced be interested in reviewing it?

Daniel Simms.

No! That contract is a good read and opens your eyes to some things you want to be aware of but will cost you much more in back and forth negotiations. Just have your lawyer look this one over. There will be some changes he will probably want to negotiate and that’s part of it in the beginning.


Frank and Dave have a great contract. Use it if you can (for your own benefit). Just send them back yours and don’t say anything. Parks have a lot of specifics to them which F and D s contract does address. Most deals I have been involved them we used the MHU contract. There were a couple times when seller was stuck on their state contract or large owner used their attorneys but those are he exceptions. I am really a big fan of their contract. I’m sure they spend quite a bit putting it together ( along with their experience that caused it to be ). Good luck and keep us posted if we can help

Lol, now he’s really confused.

Okay I think I’ll go with Frank/Dave’s to learn some of the nuances.

Thank you Lou and Marvel.

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I had a similar situation, initially used brokers contract (birch realty) and seller didn’t want to engage in a attorney. We therefore had to pay for a survey to unveil suspected issures, now we submitted a MHU contract and they won’t sign it, so we are out the monies for the survey, but better than purchasing a cash deal with these issues.

You would typically NEVER do a survey or phase1 or any inspection that costs money without a signed contract for this exact reason . Thanks for sharing as others can learn so it helps all.

Thanks Marvel, I believe you live close by, I’m in Geneva and met you at chgo. boot camp. just putting out the learning curve.

I have been to a couple of the bootcamps in chicago :grinning:

Ill send you a PM maybe we can get together or you can tell me what kind of deal you are looking for, ill send you a PM as I’m always looking for deals .

that would be great…