Updating resident files

I would like to say hello and convey to you all, my delight in finding a forum that I believe will be of major assistance for the mobile home park communities. Firstly, I have recently been hired on to assist our “new” office staff with our upcoming obligations to our local / state authorities. The previous staff kept very vague and incomplete records of many of our resident owners/nonowners. We have a great system in place now, however, we are in serious need of collecting vital information from all of our resident owners/nonowners. The majority of nonowners have no title records and are living in MHs past resident park managers misplaced files on. I have sent out a letter for all update information to be returned to our office but there are some non-responders. Is there a web site available that we can research incomplete data for our records other than local county clerks ( vin#s / titling) and property valuators sites. Also, many of the title copies we have are incomplete in terms of MH size and model names. Mobilehome.net and NADA are somewhat helpful but not conclusive. National VIN / Title search companies have mixed information on MHs. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thank you again for the forum and I look forward to your responses and continued participation