Update on update. and need help

LOL. I’m sorry but I just had to post some AMAZING changes to the itinerary below…

Chris NC is a …Park Owner!!! OMG!! She will post about it at MOM. Closed today, how cool is this?

Ellen just emailed me and the Vandy rep is not showing so Steve, an investor friend of the Brenn’s will present in place of the rep. Steve is going to present on entities,and asset protection (he is a CPA). He is a partner of Brad who will be showing L/H’s etc on Friday during tour. This is a great addition to the line up.

I am leaving FL at 11 and will arrive at Troy about 3 CST. Have need for some help at this MOM. I have an investor coming in and staying at the RV Park near Troy and he has no small vehicle to feed his Yorkies during the day. I am picking him up fri morning but I need someone to maybe drive him there to feed,water, and walk his “furry family” on fri. He can borrow my truck sat at lunch time, but we need my truck fri for transportation…any takers???

I already like this investor…my pets are part of my family also…

If you can help me out please call…if you have special needs please call me!

Greg Meade