Unique opportunity?

Park is about 5o units, full. All very nice and owner occupied with large mostly landscaped lots… Streets, water, sewer, electrical all direct billed and maintained. Street maintained by city.

All lots are individually plotted and titled. I believe there is more value in selling the lots to the mobil owners. Would like to talk to someone that has had this experience and perhaps interested in joining me/ .

Sorry do not quite understand.   Are you wanting to sell this park?  Sounds like something i might be interested in but I do not have the experience in something similiar. 

Are y0u wanting to sell the park or find someone to work with you seling the lots or ??

Of course do not know the specifics, however, you are right in your overview of the value of the platted lots and PHO’s, if any.  2 + 2 can easily be 6 or 8 depending on your market.  I have been doing land/home “packages” ( and lot only) for 18 years and love the “mailbox” money.Would be interest in discussing a joint effort, if the opportunity is still available.