Uncovered, unfenced swimming pools

While I’m currently moving my stuff out of my mobile home, will be offering it for sale in June, and shouldn’t really give a damn, I just have to ask about this. Swimming pools!!! While there’s no doubt in my mind that my park owner isn’t going to do anything about the appearance of the park,and he’s just letting it run on auto pilot---- I’m absolutely amazed that he is willing to flirt with what appears to be the legal liability disaster of 3 to 4 feet deep, unfenced, unattended and usually uncovered swimming pools. The big blue ones you find offered at big box retailers. He’s well aware that the pools are being set up, but apparently isn’t concerned about the small children who wander unsupervised all over the park and in other tenant’s yards. It’s his opinion that the liability is the pool owner’s.

A child drowns and who is most likely going to be sued? The current pool owner’s whose lots are trashed and give the impression they don’t have two nickels to rub together or the park owner (who besides the park, owns a lot of farming real estate all over the township.)?

As mentioned before, I wouldn’t care about the pools and hope I’m not around when someone does fish a drowned child out of one, but the tenants two doors down from me placed one (with the park owner’s blessing) in the empty lot between us. This pool has got to be 4 feet deep as a pool ladder is needed to get in. There were plenty of times last year when it wasn’t covered, or there were kids in it without adults around. (At that time it was placed right next to their front deck, so maybe the adults were inside and looking out the windows).

My back and side yards are fenced, but how do I make light of the danger when potential buyers of my home ask about it? Does anyone here allow privately owned pools in their parks???