Two Mobile home parks for sale lead

I’ve just found a realtor that is selling 2 mobile home parks. The first one is a 3 lot mobile home park, selling for $150,000, I almost closed the page right then and there.

The next one for sale is $145,000… and 22 lots that are currently filled, each lot renting for $150 a space, currently the water is provided by the owner, so I’m assuming it’s not been sub-metered.

I wasn’t considering purchasing my own park, but this almost sounds like too good of a deal to pass up. The ad also says the owner is in very bad health and MUST sell quickly.

$150 x 22 = $3,300 /mo in lot rent, I also know the area it is located in. The homes look nice enough from the pictures provided, it’s also on a gravel road.

What should be my next step in this process, obviously other than contacting the realtor?

I probably already know the answers to this, but I’m just so excited to find a deal like this. lol