Trash pickup

Looking at a park to buy and the park is basically set up in two separet sections.One section has all individual water meters with city water and the city picks up the trash which is included in the water bill.{trash,sewer,water}The other section of the park is 24 space which has 8 lots rented and the current owner has to pay for a dumpter that cost 700 a month.{one medium,one small dumpster}Question is why cant I pay for trash pickup from the city for 15.20 a month per lot or at least get credit for the 4 meters I will be paying for that has a fee included in each bill?What options do I have?

Sorry, that section of the park is feed off of four city water meters.

Is there a reason the city is not able to answer your questions. Are they refusing to provide the service without giving a reason.

I havent talked to the city as of yet.I would like to gather any info I can before I talk to them.The only reason I can see them not providing service is that it is a small area to get trucks into although I cant see way we cant take the trash to a area thats easy to get.

Update-I talked to the city utility billing lady tue dec10 and explained my situation.She has been the only one in utility billing for 20 years and has never heard about the city not providing trash pickup to this part of the park.She was as puzzled as I was when I told her.She said she would contact the waste company and see what the reason why they dont pick up there.Thursday morning 8:20 she calls me and said that the waste service company will be providing trash pickup come jan 1. We did"nt get into why they did’nt before because it really does’nt matter to me.This one phone call will saved me 559.00 a month!This sweet lady was more then happy to look into my delema and try to save me some money God bless her.I just cant beleive that the old owner had been paying this for so long and wasting sooo much money.

Kelley -

Glad to hear it! You will be surprised at what mistakes owners make. We just purchased a mobile home park where the water bill was 25% of gross receipts. The seller told us that if they were to keep the park, that installing water meters would be the first thing they’d do to cut their expenses.

So we did not even think to look for water meters during our diligence phase… and then a few weeks after closing, we discovered that 2/3rds of the homes had meters installed and the sellers did not even know it…(!).


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