Trash hauling monopolies - any way to avoid getting robbed?

One of our MHP’s is in a town that has a contract with a trash hauler. Presumably, the hauler’s town contract is bid every few years, and the highest bidder gets the contract. Applying newtonian physics to this arrangement means that the residents get stuck with the tab of having to make the hauler whole for their contract bid.I have inquired to lawyer friends of mine about whether this constitutes an antitrust situation, and have not received much in the way of encouragement (on grounds that towns are excluded from antitrust).We looked into hauling on our own, but the local landfills are controlled by the municipal contract winner - that went nowhere, fast.Has anyone successfully “opted out” of a municipal trash hauling arrangement? Is there some legal precedent to forcing a landfill to accept trash from a non-municipal source? I am thinking that there must be an equivalent of Fair Housing for trash hauling :)Any feedback is appreciated. Thank You.

Btw, our trash expense is 6x that of an identical park of 1/2 the size within an hour’s drive, meaning it is 3x of “market rate” to haul trash in the town with the trash monopoly. Hence the discussion/posting.We tried using Refuse Specialists with no success.

I had this same issue in a small town (pop. 3,000) at an apartment property I owned there. This was done because, supposedly, no service provider would serve the area without a contract. Personally, I think bribery was the cause.

In this situation, we found that the contract was for residential customers, only. After a number of complaints, the mayor decided that we were more “commercial” and got us out of the contract.

I would suggest getting to know someone that might be able get you out of the contract (that you never agreed to). Perhaps there would be an exclusion for multi-family as commercial. Who do the businesses have to use? If you could band together with businesses and create enough havoc, the city officials would have to take note.

As a last resort, you might jack the rent at your propery and blame it on the city contract. Maybe let your residents know the names and phone numbers of who to call at the municipal level and let them complain.