Transitioning from mutlifamily to mhp's

Hi All!

My firm is transitioning from multi-family to MHP’s, and I was looking to speak with seasoned operators/owners about their experience.

We are getting into the space for a variety of reasons, but mostly due to the following:

  1. recession on the horizon - focus on stable cashflows and sticky tenant base
  2. lack of nationwide affordable housing
  3. less institutional competition in the space

Our focus is mainly on southwest, southeast in mid-west, we are seeing the highest caps in these markets.

We are seeing steady deal flow from a broker network, most parks have expense ratio’s around 40ish%.

Look forward to meeting you and discussing MHP’s!


Competition is higher in this space than MF. Happy to answer any Qs though. Send me a DM.

I operated parks over 8 years before becoming a broker last year in this niche. Feel free to reach out with any questions, I am based in WA but my brokerage is also in FL, NY, PA, and GA.

Thanks Barbra. Whats a good email to reach you at?

I’ll dm you so you have it.