Training Tenants

A little insight into what others are doing to ensure rents are collected on time. We bought our third park from an owner who did not collect late fees and actually wasn’t too concerned if the rents were paid anywhere on time. We had tenants who owed up to $2800 in back rents.
We are attempting to train the tenants to pay on time yet even though we have a $40 late fee and after the 5th they get a 3 day notice, we are collecting rents and late fees up to the 15th.
Thank you.

Have a manager knock on their door and find out why they haven’t paid. And, start the eviction paperwork on one or two of the worst ones. Once word gets around that you’re serious, that should help. We also give tenants the opportunity to change their due date, based on their pay schedule, and to make bi-weekly or even weekly payments. Sometimes those with less discipline spend the rent money if they hold on to it too long.

@CLund, as per your question:
“Suggestion to training Tenants to pay on time.”

First of all if your Tenants are on Month-To-Month Leases give them a 30 Day Notice that the new Month-To-Month Lease would contain the following:

  • Rent Due: 1st (US Mail Postmark Date)
  • Late Fee #1 - $40: 5th - 10th (US Mail Postmark Date)
  • Late Fee #2 - $100 & Eviction Process Starts: 11th & After (US Mail Postmark Date)

After 30 days strictly follow the above Rules for all Tenants (or however you alter the Rules).

Most will fall in line and know that you are serious once you start adding additional Late Fees and start the Eviction Process.

However, you might have one or two that continue to be late.

Personally, I would prefer all our Tenants to pay on time.

However, I have come to embrace the fact that one of the Tenants has a really hard time with money management (even though they are a family with 4 of them working). We are continually filing Eviction Papers on them even though they only pay Lot Rent.

Our Late Fee pays for the Eviction Fee Process along with having some leftover for our time and energy to file Eviction papers.

We wish you the very best!

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