I have never seen anything like what I am going to ask: Do any of you keep toys in your offices? It seems like when people come to either look at homes or complete the paperwork they bring kids. We are finding it quite challenging both to keep our own minds on what we are doing as well as the attention of one or both parents.

We go over each clause of our contracts with our tenant/buyers, which means lease, option, park lease and park rules. We want to be absolutely sure that each person knows exactly what they are signng. (We have them initial the part that says their option deposit is non-refundable in the option section.) This takes a fair amount of time, but no one could truthfully say that we did not explain things to them.

It is tough to jump up from your desk because someone else’s child is tired or just needs attention. One child unrolled a good amount of toilet paper before his mother made him stop… one child wrote all over the chair his mother made him sit in…

Suggestions, please.

Maybe, make it part of your script during the initial phone call. We love children, but our office is quite small and they can be a distraction during the appointment. We would not want you to miss any important information. So if possible it would be best to leave them with a sitter.

Ellen, when I had MH sales lots and the GT $$ was flowing freely I would keep a box of toys at each sales office. It is worth the cost if it helps you at all. I’ll also comment that if a child has never been corrected by their parent (it is easy to spot) I view that a serious ding against applicant, one that may be overcome by other areas of strength, but an issue that can doom the deal to failure.

Thanks! That is the direction we have been thinking of going. I am seeing parents come here after work to sign papers, thinking one of them will stay in the car with the kids, but since they both have to sign that is not how it needs to be. The kids are tired and hungry, just having been picked up from daycare as the major issue. Most of the time, I am just plain seeing TIRED kids. Apparently nap time is a thing of the past.

In a corner of the office we kept a small table and chairs wth crayons and several coloring books. If the kids didnt use it the mnager probably did in their down time.

How about a tv with videos. Nothing like a little mindless distraction