TOH eviction risk: Tenant evicted but then they filed claims of exemption

The tenant owns the home and owes us $1K in back lot rent, so we filed eviction and got them out. But then they decided to move the home out of our park. Of course we would not allow it without them paying us. And we spent $1K on legal cost on eviction and fight this. But their legal council filed “claims of exemption”, which basically says we can not put any lien or judgement on their asset if their net worth is below a certain level. The judge supported their claim and granted them the exemption and now they can move the home out of the park without paying us a dime.

In the end, we will lose $2K in revenue and lose a occupied lot. I am sharing it as this is a risk for TOH parks where you can’t really control the moveout of homes.

The home has not been moved out yet, but I can’t think of anything we can do at this point. If you have good suggestions or ideas, please let me know. Thanks!

You can offer to buy the home from them. It will be less expensive that bringing a new home into the park.

Unfortunately, that is the cost of business to be in the mobile home park industry. We all lose homes from time-to-time. It is too late for you to take action now other than offering to buy the home. If at a prior time you owned the home, you could have removed the wheels and tongue and discarded those before selling or renting the home to a tenant.