Tips on Water Line Freeze Ups?

As we approach the colder season of the year I thought it would be helpful to provide community owners tips to pass along to their tenants.

Spreading preventive awareness on water line freeze ups and water meter freeze ups could save you and your maintenance teams the headaches come the winter time.

Feel free to print this off and pass along to your tenants.

Water line freeze up tips.pdf (76.3 KB)

Preventing Water Line Freeze Ups.
Tips by ABT Water Management

Outdoor temperatures that most freeze ups occur:
Without proper protection of working heat tape and good insulation, freeze ups can occur anytime the temperature drops below 33 degrees F. Most freeze ups occur when ambient outdoor temperature drops below 15 degrees F.

How to determine a water line freeze:
If the main line is frozen you will have no water anywhere in the house.
Sometimes you will experience water in one part of the home, but not in another.
When this happens, you are experiencing a freeze somewhere in the belly of the home.
This may require additional belly insulation to help retain heat.

Generally there are two other places that could be frozen beyond the main water line.
The water line as it enters the home through the floor could also be vulnerable to freezing. In some older homes this area is actually accessed through an outside panel on the exterior of the home and also contains the hot water heater. This area may require an additional heat tape to prevent freezing.

The water line coming up from the ground is also prone to freeze without the proper measures . Many homes have a Woodford riser which has it’s own heat rod.
The heat rod must be fully inserted and plugged in to prevent freezing at ground level and below.

Heat Tape:
Generally, heat tape is wrapped around the water line under your home. The plug-in for the heat tape may be at either end of the line.

If there is power to the plug this light will glow orange.
The heat tape cable should be warm to the touch. The indicator light does not mean the heat tape is warm.

Replace all Ribbon heat tape with a reliable brand of heat tape, such as Easy Heat or Frostex Heat tape, to help prevent fire hazards.

For more tips on Water line freeze ups contact your maintenance team or park management, thank you.

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