Three MHPs for sale

I have three parks in close proximity in Bloomingdale and Gabriels NY. They need a turn around and have upside. They are 18, 18, and 24 lots for Bloomingdale, Bloomindale, Gabriels. Occupied lots number 10, 9, 5 same order. One in Bloomingdale has an old farm house and garage/barn where the owner used to live, its rented. Municipal water and sewer in Bloomingdale, private in Gabriels. Municipal waster is metered and town bills each owner. Bloomingdale has room for expansion, has easy zoning, and wants affordable housing. Gabriels land is 10.5 Acres on a gentle rise with a view and sand/gravel soil, plus a one acre separate lot on a pond with a cabin that is unfinished inside I use for storage. plus an adjoining 30 acres of balsam forest, may be considered wet land so it is a throw in. Management has been poor to non existent but they have been profitable with little or no oversight. One in Bdale with paved roads, others are gravel. Underground water/sewer infrastructure is very good. PVC water main, copper laterals, pvc sewer, one lift station with newer grinder pumps on rails and a new duplex panel. 3 POHs. Firm at $750,000 as a package will not separate.