Thoughts on having City pave roads

What is everyone’s opinion on having the City pave the roads in a mobile home park. They already did it in the other park in town. The City really wants paved roads instead of gravel roads, so they are willing to do it. However, here’s the catch. I have to give the roads to them, so they become a regular City road. I also have to pay for the survey to separate the roads from my property. Then, the City will pave the roads and maintain them. I’m not sure if I like giving away the land like that, but it’s a huge benefit of not having to fill pot holes and deal with gravel roads. What would you do? Give the roads/property up for some nice paved roads? Or keep the land and gravel roads and eventually pay for the paved roads myself? Thanks

I would hire a lawyer so you can give them away the right way. Seen a lot of city roads in parks either not get maintained or the city puts that maintenance back on the landlord eventually. If you have a good agreement with the city, having them own the roads is far better though.


If it were my park and better roads benifited my residents I would jump at the oportunity.

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I would happily give my roads to the city to own and maintain.


How would this play out should the park become valuable for other construction uses? Would this devalue the property?

Are your water and sewer or other utilities in the roads? If so, that would seem to be a reason why you might not want the city to on the roads.

No idea, but the city would probably make some kind of stipulation that it has to remain a park for x-number of years.

I would sign up for this program in a heartbeat.

The only drawback that I can foresee is not being able to trespass the general public from the park. Once the roads are public then the park opens to the public.

One thing to consider is future repairs. IE you want the ability to fix/to replace/to upgrade your utilities above and below the ground. Some type of easement/right-of-way agreement needs to be in place which grants you access/rights to some type of utility easement.

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Sounds like a land grab to me. I would never give up my property like that.

I like owning the roads. We have one road on the outskirt that is city-owned, 1 road that we share, and 2 inside the park that are private. Yes, we maintain the asphalt, though, for me, it’s worth it. Our roads are in better condition and the park has no drive-through traffic, which is very desirable for (senior) residents.

I would gladly give up my roads, but would follow advice above on having an attorney look at it and consider location of utilities, etc.