The definition of "irony"

A think this situation illustrates the meaning of the word quite well. However, I could be using it incorrectly so I’m open to suggestions for other words.

I have a line of homes up above my community and they all like to “work” on their cars. For some strange reason they never seem to finish working on them so there are quite a few heaps of once functioning vehicles lying about. Lots and lots of them. I on the other hand keep my place spotless. There are trees that screen the view but they are deciduous and only work for 6-7 months out of the year. There is also a problem with runoff from above that I figured a berm would take care of.

So my brilliant idea was to cut down some the weedy trees and plant a line of Serbian Spruces (Picea omoriko) that will screen the view of my residents for the entire year and create a berm along with some grading work on a city easement to solve the runoff problem. I figured everyone would benefit and it wouldn’t even cost my neighbors a dime.

The neighbors went ballistic. It’s really quite an interesting experience to have semi-literate (hey, it’s rural Ohio) people SCREAMING at you about having to look at the “trailer park” while surrounded by derelict vehicles and standing in stinky, beer can/bottle laden, mud caused by a failed septic tank. I really wish the boot camp I attended and the materials I bought (neither were by Frank or Dave) had prepared me for such an experience. Or perhaps I’m actually dead and spending some time in purgatory before going to heaven.


Wheat Hill