The 2016 Affordable Housing Summit

If you want to get a jump on the competition, then consider attending the 2016 Affordable Housing Summit, to be held online on January 26th starting at 9am CST and ending around 5pm CST. This is our annual event that showcases the best predictions and new highlights for 2016. This year’s speakers are our best yet, featuring many industry veterans, experts and, of course, Frank & Dave on what to expect in 2016 and where the opportunities can be found. The event will be hosted by Frank Rolfe, and is respectful of your time, as you don’t have to travel to attend (it’s a webinar) and is in a series of modules with breaks in-between, and is fully recorded for later play-back. And as a special bonus available to all those who order before the event date, you will get entire archive of Affordable Housing Summit (2014 & 2015) recordings for FREE!

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-Brandon Reynolds


Can you please share the agenda as I couldn’t see it online?

Thank you.

I agree with @DallasMHP
I would like to see the agenda and a list of speakers.

Here is what the schedule looks like now. We are working times with our last few speakers. I will keep this updated as we confirm the final speaker times.

All Times CST

9am: Introduction: Frank Rolfe

9:15am: Maximizing Park NOI: Dave Reynolds

10am: Interview: Anthony DiMarco

10:30am: Interview: Jonathon McClellan

11am: Break

11:15am: Insurance Challenges: Kurt Kelley

11:45am: Rehabbing 10: Randy Dailey

12:15pm: Lunch Break

1pm: Working with a Broker: Joanne Stevens

1:30pm: Maximizing Appraisals: Erik Hanson

2pm: The Legal Side of Closings: David DiMarco

2:30pm: Industry Economics: Charles Becker of Duke University

3pm: New Park Marketing Techniques: David Graham

3:30pm: Break

3:45pm: Taming Community Water: Brad Rymer

4:15pm: Technology Tools For Park Management: Brandon Reynolds

4:45pm: Industry challenges: Tim Williams President of 21st Mortgage & Chairman of MHI

5:15pm: Filling vacant lots with new homes: Clayton & 21st Mortgage

5:45pm: Environmental issues: Mike Renz

6:15pm: Final Summary: Frank & Dave

Brandon Reynolds

*Updated 1-18-16

*Updated 1-22-16 Full scheduled announced

*Updated 1-25-16 Added Community Water Management Speech With Brad Rymer and Confirmed Dave Reynolds Speech as Maximizing Park NOI

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This is a great start Brandon. Would love to hear Dave.

If the forum members can suggest few topics, here are mine:

  1. Tips to reduce expenses in a community
  2. Tips to increase revenue in a community
  3. Top 10 things for rehabbing homes. What works and what doesn’t?
  4. I have bought a park, Now what?
  5. Negotiating techniques with vendors

Thank you.

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We can definitely cover those, with the 18 speakers we have set up.

If people have additional topic suggestions, please add on to the list.

See full speaker list announced above.


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Dallas has a great list. Ditto #3 and 5.

I would agree with spending some time on rehabbing dos and dont’s.

Thanks! We are doing a Rehabbing 101 section that will cover those items. We will do our best to integrate the other suggestions.

-Brandon Reynolds

Thank you for taking our feedback and acting on it Brandon!

You’re welcome! We may add a bonus session or 2 on as recordings so be sure to let us know of any other suggestions.


Hi Brandon/Frank,

Great job on the Summit webinar. There were lot of fabulous ideas in each of the presentations. Dave’s session “maximizing the park NOI” itself paid for the seminar!

BTW, Randy Dailey had many suggestions on rehabbing. It would be helpful if he can share the tile, paint and other standard rehab material information with the attendees. His line was fading in and out.

Thank you again and looking forward to the next year’s summit!

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Amazing job everyone. I tuned in and out over the course of the day but I plan to listen to the webcasts as soon as I can when it is posted. I just have to decide which I should do first!

So many great tips. This forum is a gold mine, and free! Thanks, Brandon Reynolds and Frank, and Dave, and all the other speakers as well.


Thanks for the feedback!

The recorded version of the 2016 Affordable Housing Summit is now available to purchase. Click Here for more information.

-Brandon Reynolds