That Fred balke!

I just read Freds Blog! Holly schamoly. Talk about supercharging your portfolio, he just strapped a rocket to his. Looks like he is the latest “Czar of candominiums”. Way to go Fred. Thanks for sharing the good and bad with us.

Fred is definitely AMAZING! He is a huge inspiration. Anybody that does not know who Fred is make sure and go to the teleseminar page on and listen to his teleseminar. Fred was the cosmetics manager at Costco and knew there had to be a better way. He bought Lonnie’s book “Deals on Wheels” and the rest is history! He bought over 45 Lonnie deals and then purchased a 185 space MHP. He is now part owner in a 400 space MHP as well.

You will want to meet both Lonnie and Fred at MHM6! I would even invite them to breakfast, lunch or dinner and get to know them! Get ready for the most AMAZING 3 days of education and networking!!!