Thanks to MHU and Rick E

Hi all,

I wanted to say hi to everyone. Although this is my first post, I have been following along and read every forum thread, blog, and teleseminar since January. So I feel like I know many of you already :slight_smile:

I love the forum, all the knowledge and opinions being shared. My partner and I started our quest to quit our JOBs last Nov. I have learned so much from everyone here. But one person has really inspired and help us - Rick Ewens. When I heard his teleseminar, I was blown away. I am also from CA and wanted to hear how he did his deals from across the country.

One day I just emailed Rick to see if he could help answer some questions. His willingness to help was so amazing to me. His 15 point plan was great and was the basis for the plan my partner and I created, with adjustments suited to our particular goals.

Just last week, my partner and I closed on a small park (43 pads) in Indiana. It is a very smooth running park with some nice upside and a great manager and tenants. It was the perfect 1st park for us.

I want to thank Rick and everyone else on MHU. My partner and I wanted to attend MHM but it was challenging trying to get ready for our close. We hope to meet everyone at the next event.


Howard H

BTW: Just today we were just approached with another potentially good deal. Maybe we’ll be out of our JOBs faster than we think :wink: