Thank You

I think it was on the old forum, because I cannot find it, but I posted about a year ago that I was afraid of losing my job due to a foreclosure. I just wanted to thank you guys for your valuable advice concerning a new management company; which was, basically, to prepare myself to answer questions, be professional, and to hang in there.

A year later, I still have my job, and even though my hours were cut at the time of the take-over really bothered me, the process of learning to handle the new responsibilities involved in actually managing the community served as a catalyst, causing me to enroll myself in college for a two-year business management program, which I am currently now half way through.

With the previous management company, I simply collected rents and complaints, forwarded it to corporate, and performed evictions. We weren’t given what we needed to really do our jobs. I now have the responsibilities of collection, entering payments into the RM program, evictions, are able to evict for things other than just non-payment (which is like a “God-send” for this park) and able to actually enforce the rules.

Thanks for the positive words.