Thank you Karl


Thank you for your comment on my blog and our most recent deal,

I can never thank you enough for your help in teaching me a newbie at the time how to do the due diligence on a mobile home park, I was blessed with having one the very best at my side showing me the in’s and out’s, do’s and don’t’s of due diligence. The knowledge I gained from you has helped me in looking at a number of deals over the last few years I have never forgotten your generousity and joy you get from teaching others.

I want to also say how glad I am to see you back posting on the forum again, some of the newbies may not know you or have ever met you

but for those of us who do know you we have the utmost respect for your knowledge of the business and the master deal maker that you are.

As you said in your comment it’s hard to believe how many years have slipped away since doing the DD on that first park, wishing you the best of luck with the current deal you have under contract I hope to see you again soon.

Fred - I humbly thank you for your kind words.

When I’m away from the seminars and posting it is hopefully for all the right reasons. With the baby growing older I’ll continue to chime in.

Mostly, I’m sooo proud for everyones accomplishments over the years. It is a privilege to know you, Daphne, the Brenn’s, and what Steve, Corey, Greg and Tony give so freely through this message board! The newbies have a lot of great resources right at their fingertips. I’m sure it makes (or would make) Ernest very, very, proud.