Texas - Evict or non renew for violation park rules

I have a tenant who owns their home. They are on a month to month basis, with no written lease. Despite the fact that they pay rent regularly, they have two junk cars that we can’t get them to move. Is it property to evict them or sent a non-renewal letter? I want to do it the correct way in the event they call my bluff.

You can surely non-renew with 60 days notice, but I’d probably fine them.

Assuming your rules and lease are written correctly, you can and should apply their rent payment to the fines first. If they don’t comply, double the fine. If they still don’t comply, tow the cars and charge it to their account. If they don’t pay, then you can evict the usual way (for nonpayment of rent).

This assumes your park rules & lease allow you to pass through costs, and provides for fines for non-compliance with rules. If not, I’m pretty sure you can non-renew for any reason with 60 days notice in Texas.


Easier solution. Hire a tow company. Have them post the “non-running cars will be towed” signs in your park. Have them put a bright orange sticker on the two cars warning that they’ll be towed in 24 hours. Then they tow them away – and it does not cost you a penny. When the tenants complains, give them the tow company’s phone number. It’s all legal and gets you out of the loop. But watch out. The tow company will start towing everybody, so set it up with them that they can only tow cars that you designate to tow. Otherwise, all your good tenants will get mad.

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