Test Ads Getting Flagged

My test ads keep getting flagged on Craigslist. Any suggestions?

This could help: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/20141104172024-396418-top-5-rules-to-keep-your-craigslist-ad-from-getting-ghosted-or-flagged

I’ve had this happen so often that I no longer use CL. I believe the problem stems from some of the people I have kicked out. As I understand CL, anyone can flag an ad for any reason and then CL blocks your account. To whom can you appeal? No-one. It is not a very good system. Fortunately, I have had great luck with mhvillage.com and use them for all my ads.

Thanks for the feedback

@Rolf if you’re not using CL, where or how are you running your test ads?

I am not doing test ads. I have owned this place for 8 years and pretty much know the market by this time. Everyone out here is waiting for an announcement from Shell Oil regarding a plastic refinery they are supposed to build 30 minutes from my park. If and when that happens, the demand for housing will skyrocket and then I can fill this place up and get rid of it. mhvillage.com and my website have both been excellent for attracting qualified buyers, so that is all I use.

Are you selling new homes or used ones? Is it rent to own that you are advertising?

I am selling used (late 90’s or later) homes on a kind of unique RTO basis. Wholesalers are a tough lot to deal with, so I want to start buying new homes and selling them the same way w/o any dealer markup. I am more concerned about getting good people in and owning their homes outright than I am about immediate cash flow. We have had really good luck with selling the used homes and getting the type of people I want as residents. I just hope that luck carries over into the new homes.

One reason for the new homes is that my lots are wide, but not as deep as I want. Others have mentioned using shorter 16’ wide models and this would make great sense for me.

As far as marketing, is concerned, the managers tell me they get a steady stream of walk-ins looking to live in the park in addition to what comes off the ad and mhvillage.com. I really don’t think there is any need to use CL any longer.

I was having trouble with my CL ads not appearing. I got this tip and have never had a problem since: I post the ad and then check my email for the craigslist email which has a link to my ad. I click on the link about 8 times.
For some reason CL thinks since “people” are looking at the ad it is legit.

Frankly I do not get much traffic from CL - the Indianapolis market is so big, my ads get lost in the hundreds of ads that are placed every hour in the real estate for rent section.

Have you considered google ad’s? If you choose dynamic ad placement, you can select the types of websites your ad appears in and which city/state. Just a thought.

FB ad’s are also going for pretty cheap. I am paying .004 per click.

I use google anyalitics on our site (which is free by the way) to see the average age, sex, and location of our visitors and take that information to Google Adwords and FB. If you dont have a site or GA, just look at your past cliental and target those groups in those locations.

Just a thought

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How much is google ads charging? Do you use google for test ads or your regular advertising, or both?

They charge as much as you want to spend. You can limit it to $5 bucks a day to $5000. They just will show your ads until your money is out.

They key is picking the right keywords and location. It’s a bit tricky. Do you homework. But a lot of folks just dont do it because it is intimidating.

And we use them for both. We do A/B testing and see which headlines work best to grab peoples attention and we spend $10 bucks doing that. For some great content. In conjunction with books that give great advice on writing million dollar headlines. I don’t recall the names now and I just google it and can’t find them.

But yeah, do your homework. But give it a try.

Thanks for the information Gand

I use a google # from the same area code and try for sam first three numbers of the area. I never had an ad removed.

Your welcome @Pamela. Let me know if you set it up how it went. :slight_smile: